Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Diary of a Makeup Artist

19th to 25th July

This week I went browsing around a Vintage Craft Fair in Newport Pagnell to see what little treasures I could find. At the fair I met Donna who makes exquisite vintage jewellery and head dresses for brides. Her company With Love from Pearl is bespoke, hand made and custom designed.

So I'm really pleased that 'With Love from Pearl' is now a recommended supplier on our links page of the Beauty Call website for MK and NN.

We are also following Donna’s blog too:

Also this week I met Polly for her free bridal hair trial. Polly wanted boho style curls and is wearing a small headband in her hair. I started by blow-drying her hair which is very fine using lots of volume spray worked into the roots. I rolled the hair and pinned it allowing the curls to cool as I worked through the hair. I then removed the clips and rang my fingers through the hair which loosened the curls. Creating volume behind the band gave style shape. I am looking forward to seeing Polly on her wedding day.

Another bride to be, Nancy confessed to me that she had always been worried about having her makeup done and was scared she would have an orange line around her face! I assured her that the foundation would match perfectly and this was often a concern for people who had never had professional makeup applied before.

I used MAC N1 face and body foundation and blended this in to the face giving flawless light coverage (with no orange line much to Nancy’s delight!) The eyes were light with MAC Blanc type and all that glitters. Bobbi Brown black gel eyeliner was applied with a tiny flick up at the corner of the eye lid. Then I applied a couple of coats of black mascara to the eyelashes that had been prepped with eyelash curlers. To finish black individual lashes were added to make the lashes appear fuller. To the lips I added Ruby and Mille lip base to moisten the lips and applied Vie Crème Brule gloss a peachy colour to compliment Nancy’s blue eyes.

Her hair was taken up at the crown and pinned in creating soft loose curled look. Sections were kept free and these were twisted around and pinned in to the main style. I softened the fringe and finished off with hairspray to hold in place.

I was so excited when my copy of Vintage Life magazine arrived! It’s full of all things from past and includes a modern twist. There were really good retro hair and makeup tips too! I particularly enjoyed reading the article about makeup packaging and may have to find one of these compacts for myself.

Jen x

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