Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Diary of a Makeup Artist

12th to 18th July 2010

This week I thought I would share with you some exciting makeup products I have brought to add to my kit.

Whilst in London I popped into M.A.C just off Carnaby Street. I come across a foundation brush which is round and not flat. It picks up less foundation than the other styles of foundation brushes where the bristles are quite compact. Use it in circular movements and it effortlessly blends in the foundation giving a smooth finish. I’ve found it easier to blend with around the eye area. It’s a must have! This is great for anyone updating their make up bag.

In Debenhams Milton Keynes I picked up some more YSL Touch Eclat. I would not be without it!! I love the way using a small amount can make such a difference to your complexion. Use it on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Also down the side of your nose and just above your cupids bow. My tips would be not to apply it with the built in brush but to use your finger and gentle pat this on to your skin. Use it sparingly and it will work wonders for you.

I had seen the Guerlain Terracotta Lady featured in the August copy of Vogue Magazine. So I had to go and see what it was all about!! In my local House of Fraser I tried it and said straight away ‘I’ll take one please!’ I wore it over the weekend and was very impressed. It’s so sheer and adds a soft subtle glow to the skin. It looks good on the décolleté and shoulders too. I will use this on brides who want to have a subtle glow and also have a tan. The packaging is wonderful and the lid holds the wonderful brush which you can apply the powder with.

I’m so excited as I had my car sign written with the Beauty Call logo. I am so thrilled to be promoting my franchise in Milton Keynes and Northampton for Beauty Call…if you see this car around you will know I am somewhere nearby!

Just a reminder that "Tips, Teas and Tiaras" at Drop Dead Gorgeous is next week on Wednesday 28th July…it is not to late to get your ticket….come and meet me for top bridal makeup tips, bubbly and cupcakes. You also get a goody bag!

Catch up with you next week.

Jen x

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